What People Are Saying About Our Training Program

“Wow, this was a great training. Thank you for your class and helping me understand how to better care for my mom.  I highly recommend your class to everyone taking care of a loved one with dementia.”

T. Landis

Attendee of 2020 Training Session

“Dear friends, it was a wonderful morning. I have had many thoughts about what today’s workshop meant to me – I got some real pearls from each speaker.  I wanted to mention dear Jayne’s presentation (DementiaMatters).  I hope that others see the need to take the workshop session and become familiar.  My niece took the dementia training too and has been better for knowing you all.  My life would not be the same without Jayne in it.  Thank you to both you and Sue.  Opportunities like your courses were not available 20 years ago when I was sorting through what and how to see that my mom got the care she needed without losing my relationship with her.”

Attendee of 2019 Training Session

“If you have a loved one struggling with dementia, I cannot emphasize enough the value of this training. Jayne (DementiaMatters) manages to take such a depressing situation (and there were a few tears) and turn it into a spirited “You can do this!” vibe and “This is how to best try doing it!” training.  It’s less about the “why” and more about the “how” of navigating the dementia journey.  It is clear that she is passionate about this calling.  Please consider the training if you find yourself anywhere along the dementia journey with someone you love.”

S. Miller

Attendee of 2020 Training Session

“Everyone, please attend this if you even think you are dealing with dementia.”

H. G. Smith

Attendee of Training Session

“What an amazing experience! I learned so much from this training! Especially what to say, what not to say, how to react, how to take care of myself and what my mother is experiencing with her dementia. Thank you Sue (DementiaMatters) for this training and your support whenever I need it.” 

C. Mullins

Attendee of 2019 Training Session

“I highly recommend anyone and everyone to take this class!  The trainers are terrific and the Information and style of teaching are right on. To know what to say, and what not to say, is invaluable information!  Thank you DementiaMatters for teaching techniques and strategies to better care for those with dementia.”     

A. Porter

Attendee of 2019 Training Session

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